How to attract God and Keep Him

Is it possible to attract God? And if the answer is yes how do you keep Him? The Word shows us we can attract God and if we are saved we will always have Him. There is no worry in losing Him.

God's Number 1 attraction, Aroma Therapy

The Character that Attracts God

Character attracts God, it is like ripen fruit before His eyes. It has a smell in spirit God can not resist. Isaiah 57:17 says God spends His time, lives,and dwells with those of a certain character. " I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit"

Is 57:17 Scripture shows us God desires for us, like a farmer, to tend to our character like tending to fruit. Who doesn't like the smell of their favorite fruit ripened and ready to eat? When God see’s a heart and personality open to tending, it excites God because great fruit can be grown. God by nature is, in some aspects, a farmer. He is attracted to the smell of harvest being ready. To see this clearly  look at the life of David, a man after God’s own heart. He was neither perfect nor substantially more righteous than anyone else. But there was something in him, something about him that God couldn’t get enough of. This something was so powerfully attractive to God that He blessed David’s son in memory of David. (1 kings 11:12) Paul pointed out God’s feelings about David in Acts 13:22 when He reminded us that the Lord said, “I have found David the Son of Jesse, a man after My own heart, who will do all My will.” David was a man who would do all God’s will. David had the ability to say yes no matter what. He was a man who by character God couldn’t stay away from. It is character that will cause you to say “Yes” to the will of God. Especially when times are tough or even when you have been wronged or have done wrong. It is because of this that when God looked at David He saw that David was something He wanted to reproduce. God took the fruit of David's life and blessed many generations after. What does this mean for you and I today? Catch this powerful statement God made, “I have Found David.” This means God is searching for individuals just like David! Begin to look at your life. Maybe you love God but your character needs work, maybe your personality needs a touch up. The good news is spiritual fruit can be grown! This week take a look at 2 Pet 5-9. Peter gives us some tips so that we will not be “unfruitful” in our walks with Christ. Begin to show yourself as a mold-able person whom God can reproduce great fruit in. I know the fruit of your life will catch the nostrils of the Lord like a sweet aroma He can’t resist.

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