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Leon du Preez

Prophet Leon Du Preez, as Founder and President of Encounter Church & Encounter Global Network carries a mantle and role of a Prophet within the body of Christ. 

He has been recognized as a divine gift and endorsed by Senior Leaders, Ministers, and Prophets of Prophets. His God-given mandate is reaching millions across the globe, as he imparts a prophetic mantle to this generation.

About Holy Hunger 2021

The theme for this conference is “Holy Hunger”, whenever there has been desperation, and a hunger for God to move, He always responds in the most phenomenal ways.

This conference is no different. As you join with us, whether online or physically, make sure you come expectant and hungry for the Power of God, and to see Him move in signs and wonders. 


Kevin C. Williams

Prophet Kevin C Williams, serves as Pastor of the Encounter Church branch Statesboro located in the United States . 

After serving faithfully within Encounter Church, he was ordained and installed to found the first USA branch of Encounter. Just like his Spiritual Father & Senior Pastor, Prophet Leon, he ministers in power and has received the ministry of miracles, signs, and wonders. Prophet Kevin moves in the mantle of a Prophet and is impacting the south east region of the United States leading many to any encounter with God.

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